Article Manuscripts:

“Creating Legitimate Constitutions: The Role of Procedures.”

“Do the People Speak? Ratification Referenda and Constituent Power”

Working Papers:

“The People Say ‘No’: Understanding the Rejection of U.S. State Constitutions in Referenda.”

“Condorcet and the 1780 Massachusetts Constitutional Convention”

“Doing what does not Work: The Use and Justification of Ineffective Crime-Reduction Policies.” With Amy Nivette,¬†Universiteit Utrecht.

“Trapped within the Nation-State: Why Habermas’ Conception of Human Rights Falters in the International Sphere.”

“Resisting Kant: Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Alternative Theory of Political Resistance.”

“Indian Constitutional Entrenchment: Loophole or Accidental Democratic Innovation? With Sandipto Dasgupta, Kings College, London.