I am the Meyer and W. Walter Jaffe Assistant Professor of Politics at Brandeis University, where I focus on political theory. My research focuses on the assumptions, normative consequences, and origins of various institutional design and decision-making procedures. More generally, I am interested in democratic theory, constitutional design, jurisprudence, history of political thought, legitimacy, political obligation, and punishment.

I received my doctorate from the Department of Political Science at Columbia University, where I was advised by Melissa Schwartzberg and Jon Elster, in February 2013. My book manuscript, titled Ratification without Reason: Exploring an Unexamined Constitution-making Procedure, focused on the history, effects, current use, and possible normative justifications for implementing ratification procedures when creating new constitutions. Before coming to Brandeis, I was a prize postdoctoral research fellow at Nuffield College, University of Oxford.